The purpose of this Organization is to provide instructional information, to the public and medical providers, provide grants to those with FA, and support research to find a treatment and/or cure for FA.  Although rare, this disease does affect some in our community and it is FA-Indy’s desire to encourage our community to learn about FA. Help those with Friedreich’s Ataxia!

What We Do

Your donations are used for the needs of those with FA, such as:

  • Purchased 2 batteries to make an electric wheelchair available for use.
  • Furnished material to convert bathroom for easier access.
  • Purchased a scooter for a patient in need.
  • Remodel of a room to make space and widen doorways needed to better accommodate a motor scooter.
  • Provided a ramp for doorway access.

Thank You for your continued support!

You can also help support FA Indy, Inc by using Amazon Smile. Be sure to use smile.amazon.com when you use Amazon and a portion of your purchase will help support FA Indy, Inc. Just identify FA Indy as the nonprofit you choose to support.